Friday, November 13, 2009

Moving Day

Sorry for the lack of posting updates, but we are moving in tomorrow!! I cannot wait. I am so ready for this move, I can't stand it. Kitchen looks really good and I've posted one still yet incomplete picture. I snap a good one over the weekend and try posting something Sunday. All I have to say: NINE feet of countertops....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Catching Up

Okay, so it's been three weeks since my last post. Blame it on being frantically busily, limited amount of computer time, and being plain tuckered out. But, despite the fact I haven't been doing anyone electronically, we have been making massive progress on the house. In fact, we have a move in date, November 14th. Less than two weeks from now! I cannot wait. This process started a year ago when we decided to put our old house on the market. We moved out of there five month ago and have been working on this place for four months, almost to the day when we move in.

So, what has happened since the last update? Carpentry, primer, floor sanding, and painting. See for yourself:

Kitchen being primed:

Kitchen Demo'd and Painted (Cabinets at least)

We pulled the stove and the oven out completely. We also took out the cabinets under the stove and under the bar, as well as the countertops above those counters. For now, we've purchased some white, stock cabinets and custom sized laminate. On the left hand side of the kitchen, from this view, will go a run of cabinets and NINE feet of countertop. The bar will still be bar height and the tiny remnant of yellow counter will be replaced as well. I'm in the process of painting the old handles black. The old yellow sink cabinet has gotten a fresh coat of white paint as well. The yellow walls are actually formica walls, not sure what we're going to be able to do with them. I was reading about painting formica, so that may be an option. With dark counters, dark floors, the bright white will pop and look classic, I hope. It will have to do for a few years while we build up the kitty to redo the kitchen. Then we will be gutting it to the studs and rebuilding it.

Guest Room Primed

Dining Room Being Primed

Floors are in the process of being redone right now. It was sanded and will be stained tomorrow. We're going with the dark walnut stain. I think it is going to be beautiful up against crisp, white mouldings, when ever I get to that.