Friday, August 20, 2010

Before and After

Lots of projects going on but not much photo department.  I stenciled the dining room, but it doesn't show up well.  I mostly have been focussing on cleaning up the basement.  Built two work benches which provided the workspace I needed to refinish a cabinet, which as yet to be installed in the dining room.  

So, last month was our one year anniversary for closing on the house.  I was planning to do a big massive before and after post, but was too busy with actual projects to get it done.  So, I will do it now.  

Front of House
Ours is the unit on the right hand side.  Big ugly bushes, dark green shutters.

Bushes gone, some landscaping done.
Living Room
Note the shag carpeting, cornice boards, striped paneling, mirror, and all that gold.
Painted mostly.  Carpet gone. 

Dining Room

Yes, that's a wall of mirrors.  And all that gold.


Sunroom/Powder Room

Back Yard

More to come next week.