Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yard Work

Since going back to work, inside projects are on hold until summer break.  Of late, we have been working on the yard.  Over spring break, we built a privacy fence in the back yard.  I love it!

This is the back gate leading to the alley. The pergola over the gate matches the shape of the eaves on the roofline.

All told it took us three girls four days to build the whole thing.  I'm right proud of us.  We had three different guys come up and ask us for the name of our fencing company.  HA! 

Additionally, we've installed a doggy/kitty door and we have now gotten rid of the heinous catbox! Yeah!  All the furbabies love being able to come and go at will.  It also gives us a bit more leeway as we no longer have to rush home to relieve the animals.  Of course, it does mean that the neighbor cat had to make a couple of midnight visits, just to check out the place.  

Here's my front yard.  I'm slowly starting to replace the grass with herbs.  This hill is south facing and gets beat with the afternoon sun.  I'm not busting my hump trying to keep grass alive and then mow it on a hill.  So, my solution, low maintenance perennial herbs, like a true Tuscan garden.  So far, I've got lavender, thyme, oregano, mint, and a couple of oddball peppers thrown in there.  As I get more cashola, I'll strip out more pieces and plant herbs.  The pots up above are filled with basil, as I find it does much better in pots than in the ground.  

My grumpy neighbor doesn't seem to appreciate it, but oh well.  I think once everything starts to fill in and the smell fills the air, it will be freaking awesome.