Thursday, September 24, 2009


Apologies for the delay in posting. We pulled two very long days last weekend and I never got a chance to post on Sunday. We are trying to get the walls all prepped and ready for drywall and skim coating of plaster. We'll be back at it this weekend as the plaster/drywall guy starts on Monday. That will make a HUGE difference.

The stucco work was started and completed last week.

Monday they delivered materials.

Tuesday they pulled down all the old plaster and nailed up a metal mesh.

Wednesday they skimmed on a first layer of concrete

Thursday they did another layer.

Friday they did the texture and packed up all their stuff and went home.

Insulation update: Our wonderful contractor, Tommy, found someone to come blow the insulation in and take the huge green machine back to Lowes. What a relief that was. Penny spent much of Saturday insulating the soon to be master bath using the blue fluffy stuff.

We spent the weekend trying to get the last of the wallpaper down in the stairwell and get the walls cleaned.

We will spend this weekend washing walls and getting all the little bits of wallpaper off. The plaster/drywall guy thinks he can do most all of it in a week. That may or may not include skim coating the ceilings. I hope we can get at least the downstairs ceilings done. With walls in and skimmed, I can start priming. Once primer is on, the floors can be done and then we can move in! Oh, I'm so hoping we can make the November 1 date. I am so ready to have something of a "real" home. Well, as much as we can get for now.

We got the quote on tiling the master bath and that is going to simply have to wait until we get the tax check in February. We should be able to get the downstairs bath in however. That will give us a bath and a half, most importantly, it will give us two toilets.


  1. I'm impressed that you were brave enough to try blowing in the insulation on your own. At least you won't be thinking that you could have done it yourself when you are writing out the check.

    We have the cellulose insulation and it is really good stuff.