Sunday, October 11, 2009


I don't know when I've ever been so tired. P had surgery on Monday and her right hand is in a big old cast. She's not much use around here right now. So, in the interest of domestic peace, I sent her to Lake Gaston to spent the weekend with friends. I spent Friday night dusting down the front room. Used an entire box of swiffer wipes on that room along. Saturday, I was here by 9 and spent the day dusting the rest of the upstairs. Had some hired help for a couple of hours which helped. T washed down the floors and vacuumed the stairs. I dusted part of the downstairs before quitting and heading back to the Springs. Stopped at 5 Guys (damn they have good burgers) for dinner. Went home, showered and fell into bed at 7 PM. Was up at 6:30 this morning and at the house by 8. Spent the first part of the morning cleaning up. Washed all the dishes, the countertops and did some general de-dusting. Then finished de-dusting the downstairs. Cracked open the primer around 1ish and started priming. Got the master bedroom primed to where I can reach. I don't have the energy to pull the ladder up the stairs just now. Started priming the bathroom when my hand just gave out. Decided to take a break and try and get a post in.

Taking pictures of people washing floors or dusting walls is pretty uninteresting. So, no pictures today. Maybe after priming has happened.

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