Monday, December 7, 2009

Living Here

We are fully moved into the house now. Most of the boxes are unpacked and most items have found a home. There's still a ton of stuff to be done and I will be posting projects as they come up. We have our fave handy-woman coming in next week to work on a couple of little projects: sunroom floor, powder room floor and the beadboard walls in there, finishing up the downstairs trimwork as well as a couple of other projects. The next major push will be after tax money comes in. We need to get the two new baths fully installed and operational. We need to put up a fence and a doggy door. That's going to suck most of the money.

I am usually a list person: grocery lists, to do lists, errand list, etc. There are so many jobs left to be done in this house, I am afraid to make that list as I am afraid of its potential length. I think I'm going to start by picking one smallish project, like priming the trim and stairs over the holiday break. It's ambitious enough to keep me busy, but not so big as to overwhelm.

Living in the house is wonderful though. We have entertained frequently and have had several folks over for dinner or brunch. I LOVE cooking again. I went nearly a year without cooking on a regular basis and it feels so good to have homecooked food. Cooking in this kitchen is delightful. Very satisfying. I have more space than I realized and despite the loss of the old pantry, I still have empty cupboards and drawers. I don't even mind not having a dishwasher. It really doesn't take much more time to wash the dishes by hand than it does to rinse and stack in the DW. It's kind of soothing actually.

Part of our decision to move into the city was to live a "greener" lifestyle. One of the things we have done towards that end was to sell one car. We have taken additional steps like join a CSA farm coop, begin shopping at the local farmers markets, not driving everywhere all the time. It feels really good, I have to say.

Not much to post pictures of as the rooms are still kind of cluttery and haphazard which makes for unattractive pictures. I'll try to tidy up and get some new ones up soon.

My contractor, Tom Henning, has gotten his site up and running and there is a new link over on the right. Check it out as he is amazing and wonderful I cannot praise him high enough.

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