Sunday, January 9, 2011


Do you "thrift"?  (Don'tcha just love how every noun is now available as a verb?)  I lurve to thrift.  I try to stop at one or two of my secret sources a week and browse.  I've found some really cool things on Ebay as well.  I try to keep it at a $25 limit, but break that if I see something really amazing.  So, in the interest of keeping my resolution of posting once a week, I thought I'd show some of my more recent acquisitions.

First up are chairs.  Right now, I seem to have a real hankering for cane chairs.  They are all in their "raw" state and need paint and upholstery at the bare minimum.  I would like to get the first two painted in a dark/black with a graphic print for the dining room, flanking the sideboard.
The one above I got through an estate auction (I'm just starting to get into the whole auction scene, much to P's chagrin!) I just love it's sexy lines and how beefy it is.

The one above is the opposite of the first one.  It's got graceful curvy lines, kinda of a yang to the other's yin.  

This one I scored through Craig's list and originally, the cane was in perfect condition.  The puppy unfortunately, has nibbled her way through some of it, darn it.  I'll end up ripping out all the cane and paint it. 

This one I found on CL a while back before the move and reupholstered it myself. My first attempt.  Unfortunately, there is a spring broke so it sits kinda funny, and the midcentury vibe clashes with the more traditional style of this house.  So, it may find its way to a new home.

The next two items I picked up at that same auction.  The first is a lovely pierced brass box, the second a decorative corbel.

The mirror was from P's mother's estate, and the porcelain piece P brought back from Japan.

In addition to being a chair ho (and a dish ho), I'm also a ho for lamps.  So many wonderful shapes and so easy to rewire.  
I absolutely adore these paperweight lamps.  I picked up the pair of them on ebay for a song!  I had to clean them up and rewire them and then find the perfect shades and finials, but they are my favorites!

This lovely lamp I found at Diversity last week.  It's in perfect condition with a beautiful silk shade.  SCORE!

This was one of the best scores yet, $14 for the pair of these lamps. I'm still not satisfied with the shades, but will live with them for now.

This is a $2 lamp I found at the thrift store last week.  I'm in the process of spray painting it and will try and find the perfect black/black and white shade for it.  

This vase was an ugly red/rust/brown thing (Note to self: take before pics!).  I think it's looking mighty nice with a coat of silver and a coat of gloss.  (Pardon the basement in the background).

 These frames came with the house.  They had crappy, nic-stained prints in them. You can see what they looked like when I found them.   I've ripped out the prints and sprayed them with silver and gloss (I'm on a kick, what can I say, I will switch colors soon).  I will be cutting mirrors for them today and hope to get them hung up somewhere.  Seems only fitting since the mirrors and frames all came out of the house originally.

The pair of blue striped, rattan love seats were also a Craigs List find about a year ago.  They have served us very well.

This is who has kept my from blogging...Vivian Grace Nottingham Pearl, meet the blog.  Blog, meet Vivian.  She's a 6 month old standard poodle, and she's a handful.  Now that she's getting a bit better, I hope to be blogging more often.  

Have you found any treasures lately?


  1. LOVE THE POODLE! That's the best find for sure. Great thrifting finds. My latest was a pair of black suede boots at Fantastic for $3.50. I'm going to pop over soon and bring my standard poodle with me!!

  2. Linda, please do! We'd love to meet face to face. I love Fan Thrift. The Asian-style pair of lamps came from there. We got Vivian in August, she was 8 weeks old and a little ball of fuzz. I'll get around to posting some pictures.

  3. It's great to discover another thrift-loving chair addict in the area!! (I'm in Fredericksburg, but I do my best thrifting down your way.) I get together from time to time with other Richmond area bloggers, and I would love to add you to the mix. There's a great place for lunch in Ashland!