Monday, July 20, 2009

The Before Pictures

Here are a few of the "before" pictures. Most of these were taken during our initial walk through of the house. The house is currently listed as a four bedroom, 2.5 bath house that has roughly 1800 square feet. The reality as you will see is that the fourth bedroom is mostly a closet and there isn't room for a crib, let alone a bed. The "half bath" we discovered was actually a "maid's bath" that can only be accessed from outside. It's not even a real "bathroom" as it only has a commode and no sink. Very scary place. I will get some pics tomorrow and post those for you as well.

On to the pics!

The Golden Living Room

The Golden Dining Room

The Golden Kitchen

The Sun Porch

The Golden Stairwell

The Golden Hallway

The Front Bedroom aka "the green room"

The Back Bedroom(?) - apparently they turned a tiny bedroom into a cedar closet. Note the groovy red vinyl flooring.

Another Back Bedroom

The Blue Room

The Golden Bath

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