Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Progress in the first week

This week we've just spent trying to clean, get organized and figure out what comes first. We did get some of the windows open. I got some paneling down, and started taking off wall paper in the dining room. There were four layers of wall paper in the living room. Given this house is 90 years old, I didn't think that was too bad. Here are pics of the progress so far.

The front bedroom (The Green Room) - I started taking off the paneling to reveal pepto bismo pink paint over lilac wallpaper.

The living room

Removing wallpaper in the dining room

After one afternoon

Uncovering history, it reads: H.A. Pollard, June 25, 1945. Pollard is a common name in Richmond.

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  1. hmmm I think I would put up paneling too if I had seen the PB pink. However, you stripping it all down is even better. lot's of work there my friend.