Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So, after two and a half days of work, I took this afternoon off to play.  See, I've set myself a schedule this summer.  Mondays and Fridays are cleaning days.  Tuesday and Thursdays are house project days and Wednesdays are play days!  Good schedule, right?

I did paint the second coat on  the back porch today, so I didn't play ALL day.  I took the afternoon off and went thirsting with a pal O'mine.  We stayed right in the Fan pretty much.  We hit a couple of swanky antique stores that we had both wanted to check out.  Cabell House Consignment at Belmont and Elwood had some nice stuff.  Pricing was generally good, but some of it was wacky.  I still get a bit weirded out by taking pics inside a store, so I don't have anything to show you.  We also hit the antiques store right next to Acacia Midtown.  They had SUPER cool stuff, very pricy, but really neat, stuff. Ivory folding rulers, old fire hose nozzles, an old German wall map, cool old globes, Jefferson cups, and lots of other unique stuff.  I fell in love with the industrial coat rack, but it was a thousand dollars.  Just a wee bit out of my price range this week.

I did score big at the thrift stores though.  We hit the Clothes Hanger on Cary St that is run by the Junior League.  This is what I picked up there:
Okay, I know that you're thinking is a boring big box light fixture, and you're right.  But imagine it with glass shades that I've made, and perhaps a bit of gilt on it.  It should look better than this monstrosity that still plagues my stairwell:

We also hit Fan Thrift and I picked up the following for a steal:
 A nice mirror that needs a paint job.
The cloche I found today.  The cake stand I made months ago.

Last week, I picked up these winners at an estate sale:
 This is a gilt and plaster hanging lamp that will replace the hideous boob light in the foyer.  I need to redo the shade on the inside as it's pretty icky.  I might paint it, but haven't decided yet.
This is a lovely batik that I found too and I just loved the colors and moody feel.

What have you scored lately?


  1. How do you keep track of all your projects and where is the workroom?! Can't wait to see the chandelier transformed!

  2. The projects I don't even attempt to keep track of! And the workroom is mostly in the basement. I've got three work benches down there and they are covered with the various projects.

    The really great thing about tackling this house is that there is so much to be done that I never get bored. When one project has me stumped, I can flit off to the next until I work out the issue and go back to the original project.