Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Living Room

When I last left you, the living room sorta looked like this:

It hasn't looked like that in a long, long time.  That red couch was the victim of our cute kitten who was not happy with our addition of a new poodle puppy.  She took out her displeasure on the couch. Multiple times.  So, we got rid of the couch and orange chair.  And it looked pretty empty for a few years.  

So empty, we put a huge tree in the middle of the room one year.

We only had the heat pumps for heat and we wanted an alternate heat source, just in case we ever lost power during the winter.  So, we went looking for a gas insert.  Looky what we found!

And installed it looks like this:

So, then we needed furniture.  I found these two couches and had them reupholstered.  Found the perfect rug, redid a couple of chairs, and made some pillows.  Presto, change, voila!  A living room!


And, so, today, it looks like this:

Vivian heartily approves of the changes.

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