Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wow...that seems so meager...

Two projects in two years? That's it?  That's all I have to show for the past two years?  Actually, no.  I have at least fabulous vacation to share.  Last summer, we spent 10 days in Paris!  Paris, France!  PARIS!!  It was my idea of heaven.  I loved every moment of it and can't wait to go back.  I could totally see myself going to Paris annually and forgoing every other fabulous destination I've ever dreamed of.  P would never let me do that, though.

I'm in the midst of two or three major projects, but haven't had time to write them up.  In the mean time look at Paris.

It was everything I ever dreamed of.  It was more than I could ever have imagined.  Paris is the most gorgeous city.  The attention to detail is stunning.  Everything is created with an eye to the aesthetic, not strictly utilitarian.  
An inconsequential detail on one of the many bridges.

 The view from our hotel

 The best chocolatier in the city...

 The remains of the cloisters at the Cathedral at St. Germain des Pres

 Famous "lover's bridge" where you're supposed to put a lock with the date and throw away the key.

Musicians everywhere

Fascinating to see an ancient Egyptian obelisk in Paris 

Arc de Triumph 

 Lamp post at la Place de la Concorde (where they used to guillotine the nobility during the revolution)

 Lavender fields in the Jardins des Tuilleries 

 Notre Dame

 The food was heavenly.  It was amazing how flavorful everything was; it was like the French have mastered the art of reducing everything to its essential flavor.  Either that or we are just used to bland factory farmed food.

 Le petit déjeuner

This trip was really an art trip for us.  We spent most of our time at the Louvre, the Musee D'Orsay, and the Musee Rodin.  Spectacular.  I don't have words for the level of awe, humility, and giddiness I felt at seeing the items I've taught about for years.  
The Louvre


 Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle

 Venus de Milo

 Some of the most amazing pieces of Greek pottery I've ever seen (and I've been to Greece!)


Borghese Hermaphroditus

 I was as enthralled with the building itself as I was with the contents.

 Probably the most famous piece of Etruscan art.

 Even their warehouse rooms were filled with neat stuff.

 Ancient Glass

Nike of Samothrace

 Inside the clockworks at the Musee D'Orsay

We did one spectacular dinner at the Bistrot du Sommalier.  It was off the charts amazing. 
 A salmon ravioli with fava puree

 Two types of roasted white fish with these tiny mushrooms that simply exploded with flavor.

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