Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Thrifting

Okay, so that first week was really productive, and the second week, no so much.  Some of that hasn't been my fault though.  I've spent way too much time waiting on other people.  Waiting for the door guys. Waiting for the tire guys.  Waiting for the car inspection guys.

While I was out hitting the thrift stores the other day, I did find a couple of other treasures. What can I say, I was so close, it seemed silly not to stop and look. Famous last words.
So, this is the treasure I'm most excited about.  It's a concrete urn and it's very similar to the one that came with the house on the terrace:
Nice blue sky.  Anyway, there's a second full base pillar up there that is kinda empty and lonely.
So, I thought a coat of white paint, some soil and the lonely planter will finally have a friend.

Then, I also saw these two sofas (crappy Iphone pics):

Each are going for $65.  I like the style of them.  They both need reupholstering which I've not ever really done, but they could be kinda cool for a couple of hundred dollars worth of fabric.  I could end up with a decent couch...  I don't think I'm going to be able to convince P that I have the skills to reupholster one of these.  I dunno....I'm just sick of having a non-functional living room.

And, at a yard sale last weekend, I found this for $10 smackers (World Market sticker on the back said $99).
Ignore the gold rim, that's the coffee table.

So, what do you think, yes or no on the sofas?


  1. So, I'm late, but if you get a yes on the sofa, go with the one without the buttons on the back. There's no need to start at the high end of upholstery for your first project! It may take a bit, but I believe you can figure it out!

  2. Rebecca, thanks for the info. I've decided to pass on a couch all together at this point. I think we are going to turn the underutilized living room into a library/study. LIne the whole things with books around a massive carved table. Throw in a few comfy chairs and some good reading lamps and we're a go!