Friday, July 1, 2011

Stop me before I lamp again.

I have a serious lamp addiction.  Let's set aside my chair addiction for a moment.  I haven't bought a chair in months a week or two.

Hello, my name is Tamisha and I'm addicted to thrifting lamps.

I was out on the east end yesterday to get tires (ugh, is there a more unpleasant way to spend money??), so I thought I'd run by a few of my favorite thrift shops.  And I found these beauties, and at $7 a pop, how could I resist???
Aren't they gorgeous?  AND they have that detail all the way around and they are heavy.  They are going to need a fabulous pair of shades which will cost me a small fortune as I have great (read: expensive) taste in shades.  I can't decide if they need to stay that creamy yellow or go a celadon green. Or go a really deep, dramatic color with a black shade with a gold liner.

But, as I looked around my mishmash living room (still no couch - damn cat), I noticed something, see if you can see it:
Do you see how many lamps are in this picture????  SEVEN.  If I were all fancy, I would actually have a picture of them numbered, but I'm not, so I'll give you a lamp-by-lamp show:
Flanking the left and right side of the photo of the whole living room are these graceful ginger jar items I found at Fan Thrift.  I hate the tacky Target shades, but have been too lazy to go find better ones.  I love their lines and the modest autumn flowers.

Just to the left of the right-most lamp is this lovely:
The shade is in good shape and it's silk.  It has a black wooden base and has lovely green and blue leaves.  Again, note the graceful shape.

Remember these I picked up at DT2 last month?  I have done nothing more than sit them on the end of the bench.  I still love them.

Again today's treasure:

And this one stainless steel lamp I have way off the left outside the whole living room pic:

That's a lotta lamp for one room.  I'm thinking if I can find tops, I'll de-lamp the ones I got today and set them on the fireplace mantle.  And homage to chinoiserie.  


  1. It's great to see someone else who is unnaturally attracted to thrift store lamps. It's easy to rationalize them because they're so useful.

    Don't even get me started on chairs ... or trunks. I could start a 12-step for these.


  2. Chairs, particularly cane chairs are a deep weakness for me. Glass ware is another one. I'm also a china plate ho. Yeah, I need therapy.