Thursday, August 13, 2009


I know contractors get a bad rap. I have to say however, that I have been so very lucky to work with some awesome folks on this project so far. I wanted to make sure they were recognized for their stellar work, punctuality, and professionalism. As a woman, I have often run into condescending attitudes from men when discussing construction issues. I will fully acknowledge that I am not fully cognizant of every detail or problem that might arise, nor do I possess every solution, however, I do have a reasonable modicum of intelligence and can understand most issues when clearly presented. All of the gentlemen I have dealt with so far have been the utmost of polite and professional and never once have I been talked down to. That is a characteristic I prize highly. To that end, I will be linking websites of contractors that we are working with who have given us the highest quality of work, materials, and customer service. I urge you to contact them if you are in need of their services.

Widespread Solutions, LLC

These folks did the demo on the basement ceiling and the upstairs bathroom. Dan is a super nice guy and all of his workers were amazing. Also, a portion of his profits go to the McShin Foundation, a non-profit peer to peer addiction recovery support organization. How's that for cool? Hire good guys and support a good cause.

Acors and Griffith Heating and Air
These folks are putting in our new HVAC system. These gentlemen show up on time and work the entire day. They are friendly and easygoing and I can't recommend them any higher.

As other contractors come in, I will continue to post their names and websites. I think word of mouth advertising is the best there is. I will also add them to links on the side so that folks do not have to go looking for them.

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