Sunday, August 9, 2009

Work Slows

Penny had to go back to work last Monday so work has slowed considerably with only me working all by my lonesome.

I continued the never-ending wallpaper removal process. I got most of it down in the center foyer. I still need to get it off the angled ceiling under the stairs. My arms gave out.

The big news for the week is that I took out the wall between the two bedrooms to make the big master bedroom. That was big fun, the cleanup however, really sucks. Plaster is heavy crap and I have to haul it down in five gallon buckets. It took about 15-18 trips to get all the plaster out. It's going to be a really cool room though.
The wall before

Me in full demo regalia

Plaster down on one side
Plaster and lath coming down on the other

I still have to demo the goofy closets that are 18 inches wide and 8 feet deep. That should be fun.

We went ahead and bought a mattress and boxspring for what will eventually become the guest room. We have a bed, but not the mattress, and this way, as soon as the hvac goes in, we can start sleeping there. As I start school in three weeks, we will be sleeping here sooner than later.

I also had a guy come out to give me an estimate to get a fence built. We need to have a fence and doggy door for all the puppies and kitties once I go back to work.

Monday, a demo guy is coming to take out the white bathroom. Penny and I demo'd one bathroom in our old place and it took us two weeks, a hammer drill, and a huge toll on our bodies. (Check it out here.) We both swore never again! So, we're hiring it out this time. Money well spent.

Also on Monday, we're having the SECOND dumpster emptied. Hopefully, we will only have the third and final dumpster as those get pretty pricey!

Wednesday, the HVAC guys get here and will start working on that project. They say it should only take them a week or two.

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  1. What is with all the mirrors?? The gold paint and paneling was bad enough! I've never seen two houses stuck together like that. We have been at our house for 15 years, Good luck!