Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer ends...

Bye Bye Summer

Well, this is it, summer is over and I go back to school on Tomorrow. I am so not ready to face the classroom. I have no clue how I will split my brain between these two all consuming projects. I’m sure I’ll figure a way. I am excited to meet new kids and see my friends more regularly.

Much progress this week, however. We have laundry facilities once again (thanks to everyone who let us mooch their washer and dryer for the past two months!). We have plumbing for the two new baths. We have framing for the closets and baths. Most of this all happened on Wednesday. The house was an absolute hive of activity. I think there were six guys from the plumbing company, a day laborer digging a trench to replace the lead pipe, two HVAC guys, a carpenter, and two electricians. It was all I could do to just stay out of the way.

HVAC is finished and we have air conditioning (and heat) now. And, we have a new hot water heater. Yeah! The only drawback is the AC return. It’s kind of an eyesore, but I think I’ll be able to build a cabinet around it so that it doesn’t stick out quite so grossly. I am thinking a marble counter top with a matching cabinet on the opposite side and we’ll have buffet room. Maybe some open shelves on either side for dishes?

In the flurry of plumbing activity on Wednesday, the crew removed the yucky ceiling and all the faux bois wallpaper (not to mention all the plaster) so I didn’t have to. Upstairs, the master bath was also plumbed and the shower stall framed out. Originally, the plans blocked up three windows up there and had the shower wall running to the ceiling. I was afraid it was going to feel like a coffin. We modified the shower wall to have a transom for ventilation and one of the windows is going to be filled with glass block. That leaves me with two functioning windows and a glass block window. Glass block should be installed Monday morning.

We are spending weekends here at the Domus now. We had some old friends drive down from Delaware. They just built a house in Milton and they had twenty eight gallons of left over Benjamin Moore paint and primer they brought to us. We do have the most remarkable friends.

Roofers started yesterday on the gutters. Given they’ve left their ladder, I am assuming they will be back today. I tell you what, I wouldn't want to be wandering around up there, that's for sure!






Trench for new pipe


  1. Hi there! John Murden linked over here a while back and i've been following your renovations. You are brave, hard working women! I had a question, the little circle your house is located on is truly unique, are they all duplexes? they all seem divided, but I wasn't sure.

  2. Page, Most of the houses in the loop do share a party wall. Officially they are not duplexes as they do not share a lot. We each have our own lot, kinda like a row house. I think out of 18 houses in the loop, five of them are singles.