Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week three already?

Wow, time is flying!. Demo continues. All the carpeting is gone, hurrah! The smell is slowly starting to get better.

1. living room wallpaper is nearly all removed. I missed behind the mirror, but now that I have that down, I can remove the paper.

2. All carpeting has been removed to the dumpster. This includes the miles and miles of tack strips and most of the staples used for the padding. I spent hours on the stairs alone.

3. kitchen floor has been removed, all four disgusting layers of it. Of course it was tacked down with about a bajillion inch long staples.

4. UPstairs hallway has been de-papered. I still haven't figured out how to get it down in the stairwell. It's too tall.

5. Took down lots of plaster in the vestibule where the leaking issue was most damaging.

6. Homeowners Insurance cancelled my policy due to the poor condition of the house. Had to scramble to get a new policy and am now paying through the nose of a policy. Hopefully we can get the roof, electrical, and stucco addressed and finished quickly so that we can go back to the cheaper insurance.

7. Went up into the attic and cleaned out a half a century's worth of trash. Found a few treasures including a cool 50s desk, some paintings, and some other odds and ends.

8. The cedar closet in the tiny bedroom was demo'd by our demo guy revealing a badly damaged wall. Took down most of that plaster.

9. Electrical work continues apace. The HVAC guys are going to start NEXT Monday.

10. Purchased a queen sized mattress which will be delivered on Tuesday. Penny swears she will be sleeping here, but without AC, not sure I will be.

11. I got all the transom windows open, so that was quite an accomplishment.

12. Penny smelled gas one day and called the city. They came and tried to light the stove pilot light, but condemned it instead. Sears is coming Tuesday to take a look at it.

13. I took pictures of the scary maid's toilet in the basement. Realize these pictures were taken after it had been cleaned up and far less scary that it started out.

So, that's where we are for now. I honestly don't know when we will be moving in for sure. I had said (optimistically) September 1. Now, I'm hoping for November 1 or at least before Christmas. We'll see.


  1. If memory serves, it took two straight months of demo and cleaning before we could move into Custis. We settled 1/28/86 and moved towards the end of March, I think. You are tackling about the same amount of work. Get the kitchen, one bathroom and one bedroom done and you're good to "move in" as far as spending nights there. It might be Christmas before you have a living room and dining room, but that work can go on as long as you have a place to sleep, bath and prepare food. I really hope we can come down and help a bit later this month.

  2. The kitchen is mostly functional. Need to get a stovetop and it will be fully functional (once it is clean). One toilet is fully functional (the great yellow monstrosity). And one bedroom is serviceable for now. That front bedroom has no carpeting, no wallpaper, two functioning windows, and cleaned walls. That said, we will be having a demo team come in to demo that bathroom as I swore I would never demo another one after doing the one at Lee. Too hard on the body.

    I will probably be "moving in" at least in a camping style about the time I go back to work, provided we have AC. I need AC for sleeping. I can work hot, but not sleep hot.

    We've started bathing here almost immediately. I think that golden throne room will be livable once we remove the paneling, replace the toilet, and replace the vanity with a pedestal. Paint the walls white and it will be quite livable for a good long while.

    We would love to have you down for a visit! We might even put you up in the front bedroom as that is our extra bedroom right now. You could be the first guests to stay in the guest room!

  3. Wow, welcome to the neighborhood. I am a back door neighbor, as I live on Lakeview. We have loved watching the renovations in this area and I am so gald that you are sharing yours through this blog!