Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Miscellany

The long slog on the banister continues.  It's not fun and exciting and it's even more boring to photograph.  So, no pics of the staircase right now.  I will confess, I only work on it sometimes.  I'm not there scrubbing and stripping and sanding every weekend.  I have to gird my loins, wrists, and fingers and force myself to work on it every few weeks.  BUT, that will change when spring break rolls around.  I am planning to dedicate my week to finishing up the staircase.  I want that puppy stripped, cleaned, sanded, stained, caulked, and painted by week's end.

But, I have been out thrifting and doing some other fun projects.  I suck at taking pictures and the iPhone isn't any better at it, but I'm not a professional getting paid the big, we have crappy pictures.

I found two of these candle sconces at Goodwill for $3.  Primed and painted, they will look great somewhere.  The bobeches have holes in them so I'm going to need to find some crystals.  Black ones perhaps?

I helped my neighbors with some planting issues they were having and in return they gifted me a vintage globe that they had a double of.  I've been wanting one for a while and took it with glee!  And painted that sucker with some chalkboard paint.  Now look at it!

I have also been picking up lots of frames.  I have a project in the works that I'll show you later once it's finished.  But since I had the chalk board paint out...(dangerous words)

I've already confessed to you my thing for chairs.  I have an equally rabid thing for lamps.  I love them.  I love to pick up a cool lamp at a thrift store and rewire and paint it and make it totally cool and unique.  Cool lamps are also prohibitively expensive.  I bought this brass lamp at the thrift store because of it's cool shape.  I rewired it and picked up a shade (it's a bit too big for it) and painted it with some spray paint I had on hand.  I like it!  I have a few more to show you but I haven't taken any pics of those yet.

And I've been framing and hanging art around.  Yes, I'm ignoring the fact that most of the walls haven't yet been painted, only primed.  I was sick of looking at blank walls:

I'm hoping to pick up a CraigsList couch soon so that I finally have some where to sit in my living room other than my half a dozen mismatched chairs.    

I really should start an etsy store to sell some of this stuff cause I don't have enough room for it all.

AND, I finally hung up this awesome, wonderful quilt a dear friend of mine made for me.  I just love it!

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