Saturday, May 14, 2011

Insulate it!

ARGH!  Blogger ate my post.  And of course, like a dummy, I didn't save it anywhere before I posted it.  So, now I'll have to recreate it.

Over spring break, we did manage to cross one thing off our list and that we can call "done done."  Most things around here fall into the "done but..." category.

The powder room we put in a year and a half ago is lovely and the house sorely needed a bath on the main floor.  The only problem with it was how frigidly cold it was.  We put in a marble floor and if you went in there in stocking feet, it would make your bones brittle.  We had insulated the walls before we closed them up, but the floor was over the old scary bathroom, which was nearly outside.  We had gone ahead and insulated the ceiling in the old scary bathroom but thought we could do more.

You see, originally half the sun room was a screen porch and half was a maid's room.  The maid's room had two doorways; one into the kitchen and one to the back porch off the kitchen.  Whenever it was converted into the sun room, that door was simply covered over and then paneled over thusly:

So, when we built the powder room, we simply drywalled over this door.  On the porch, was an busted up old screen door that had been nailed closed.  So, to take care of the cold issue, we decided to insulate that doorway and see if that helps to keep that room from being so frigid.

We pried the screen door open, cut out all the old screen. Nailed a piece of beadboard paneling to the inside and stuffed the cavity between the screen and door with insulation.  We nailed it back shut and painted the whole thing white again.

So, that job is DONE DONE!

The ice box, well that's still a work in progress.  I'll save updates for a later time.


  1. The increased insulation value of this project is so practical and necessary ... but I love the buried-in-the-wall door-to-nowhere part of it!

  2. It was kinda fun to discover it as we were doing demo. The faux obis wall paper was pretty fabulous in a hideous kind of way. And I like the idea that the door is still buried in the wall somewhere. Promotes my fantasies of where hidden doorways lead.